Improving Availability and Accessibility of Mental Health Services

Did you know 20% of working age people in the OECD area is suffering from a mental disorder? Most disorders could get better with adequate treatment, but almost 50% of those with a severe and over 70% of those with a moderate mental disorder do not receive any treatment for their illness.


We are building a network of psychotherapy centers and developing an internet based e-mental health center concept to reach those 50% to 75% of the mental health patients who do not currently receive any treatment for their illness. We are also researching a computer enabled neuroplasticity therapy for prevention and treatment of cognitive disorders.


We are serving mainly self-funding and to a lesser extent publicly reimbursed private customers. We are also partnering with municipalities, hospital districts, insurance companies and social and health care associations to drive the adaption of e-mental health services. We have more than 2000 private customers and 3 hospital districts, 9 municipalities and 6 social and healthcare associations as partners. 


CEO Ville Tapio has 15 years of experience from information technology and professional services business. Managing psychotherapist in Helsinki Nina Tapio, Managing psychotherapist in Tampere Anne Sarja, Managing psychiatrist Mikko Kurki-Suonio and Managing psychologist Ulrika Segercrantz are highly specialized and experienced professionals at their fields. We have a team of more than 60 psychotherapists, psychiatrists and psychologists.


Mental Capital Care Ltd is owned by Ville Tapio (68%), Nina Tapio (18 %) and Petu Tapio (14%) - a family working for the company.